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My Background

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 20 years of experience. I specialize in working with children and families, particularly those who have experienced trauma. I began my journey as a therapist in the early 90's after receiving a Masters degree in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley. I started my private practice in 2001. With experience in a variety of settings (public, private, inpatient and outpatient) I have facilitated numerous workshops and trainings on children and trauma to a variety of groups, ranging from parents and caretakers to interns and other therapists.

My Practice

Therapy is a means of treating psychological distress by talking with a specially trained clinician. The goal is to relieve distress and find new ways of coping by increasing one's self-awareness and improving relationships with others. I see myself as a facilitator/guide in this process.

In order for therapy to work, the inclusion of one's community is essential. Your community can mean your spouse, children, parents, friends...whomever you see as your means of support. It is this team of you, the therapist, and your community that make the process work. I have an eclectic approach to treatment (psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, family systems) that is direct and goal-oriented, but also includes humor and spiritual beliefs. While therapy is primarily a talking process, I also use art and sandtray to foster insight. I can offer support and experience, but as with all things in your life, you are the key to creating change.

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